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Pre-Need Memorials For The Well-Planned Individuals

When a family member or loved one dies, it is a very stressful time for everyone involved.  There are many decisions and issues that need to be taken care of, many of which are left to the surviving family members.  One way to alleviate some of the stress on your family is to choose your monument before the need arises.  As you weigh your options on whether to purchase a pre-need monument, here are some different factors to take into consideration:

Choice: When you purchase your monument pre-need, you have the choice of getting exactly what you want.  Surviving family members do not have to guess what type of monument you might or might not like.  They will not be tempted to over or under spend on your monument, and you can ensure that you have a memorial in the cemetery that will be a tribute to you and your family for centuries to come.

Comfort: Purchasing a monument ahead of time gives you the comfort of knowing that you have done everything you can to ensure that your family and loved ones will be able to concentrate on remembering and honoring your life at the time of death, and not have to worry about tying up loose ends.

Quality: You can personally see the end results of your memorial and know that you have a monument that is of the highest quality in all aspects, from installation to engraving.

Location: As they say, location, location, location.  You will have the choice to pick the perfect location in the cemetery for you and your family members so you can be sure that everyone can be together for eternity.

Inflation: Many global factors, including gasoline, are causing an increase to the cost of granite.  By purchasing your monument pre-need, you can beat the cost of inflation.

Please feel free to stop by any of our locations or set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities and options to purchase a pre-need memorial.  We will be glad to help you with any questions and concerns in dealing with these preparations.

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